The EVERYTHING is the most elite of Facials, Dubbed “the Bootcamp of Facials” by top beauty bloggers. 1hr 30mins Kate will thoroughly exercise your skin beginning with a micro peel and extractions to exfoliate, deep cleanse and detox the skin. After which, a mix of vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants are cherry picked for you and oxygen infusion delivers these to your skin’s surface. The hydra-jet will give the skin a thorough boost, helping to clarify.

After your skin has been rebalanced and corrected, a non-invasive specialised Radiofrequency and LED light therapy is used to plump and nourish your collagen supply on a cellular level by means of increased hydration levels. Working on the transepidermal level of skin results are visible immediately after treatment. Et Voila!! Plumped, glowing and ready for that special occasion or red carpet event!